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Michael Morris has been at the helm of Salex Trade Networks Limited since its inception in 2017. He has helped steer the company toward success with his strategies and ideas. Never afraid to tread outside the norm to find tech that supports his goals, Morris found that trading crypto online could be done easily, quickly and more securely. Working on the code of this project first-hand, not once during the lifetime of this project was Morris not leading and giving direction. He did this even more so as we began expanding locally and internationally. His leadership is evident as we've reached major milestones in a fraction of the time and have secured investor confidence (without any hype).

His vision for Salex Trade Networks was to be a zero-risk trading medium that is beginner friendly and allows users to easily interact and transact. This means users can trade with each other and not fear attacks or lacklustre interest in the market for pushing down prices. His vision to create something that can be a stepping stone to success was also reached when we launched Salex Trade in 2020.

Under Michael Morris's leadership Salex Trade Networks will continue to grow from strength to strength and will become a dominant force in the crypto industry

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Ansel Stewis

Sweden [email protected] +46555704802

Austin Roy

Belgium [email protected] +32466904323
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We have many happy investors invest with us .Some impresions from our Customers! PLease read some of the lovely things our Customers say about us.